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Because we offer: Human Pricing.

Since a computer will never know if a property sold for a high price because it was marketed well or if another sold for a low price because the foundation was cracked.... all the computer knows is that they both sold. Much the way a computer can't appreciate art, they simply fall short when it comes to evaluation.

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We value YOU more than your transaction, and the numbers with which we're most concnerned are the ones related to YOUR bottom line - not ours. This is how we have found success, and this is how we will continue to find it.

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5 Questions To Ask Any Real Estate Agent or Broker

Do they have an assistant or transaction coordinator?

Be very wary of any agent/broker who thinks that they can go it alone, or with the help of just one person! If your property is marketed properly, there is no way that one or two people could handle the amount of showings, emails, calls, offers, and requests, that are going to come pouring in! Something will get lost in the chaos and often it is an offer that moves on to another property.

How do they plan to market your property?

If they don't immediately list off: Property Sign, MLS, Professional Photography, Virtual Video Tour of Property,Personal Website of Property, and Email Campaigns, then you should be running in the other direction. Sure, you can put a sign up and put it on MLS and you will probably get an offer or two but you don't want a couple offers, you want a lot.

Where are they going to syndicate your listing?

If they look confused and mentioned anything about online marketing in the last answer then they don't know what they are doing. Having a property website is not enough. This website needs to be submitted to every real estate website out there. Buyers are no longer going through agents; they are going to sites like and If your listings aren't on all of these sites buyers won't see your property.

How do they manage their listings?

Do they have a CRM (Customer Relationship Maintenance software)? If they don't then you can be certain their contact list is not as long as it should be, their offers are not monitored as well as they should be, their buyers are not followed up on as often as they should be, and they subsequently will not be able to sell your property for as high as it should be.

What makes them different from the next agent down the line?

Listen to what they say carefully. In real estate everything must be prepared ahead of time. You will be able to tell if they prepared for this conversation based on their answer. If they scramble, and put together a sentence that is weak how do you think they will be at the negotiating table?

Getting you Top Dollar

Listing Consultation

During the consultation, we will look at your property and learn more about your goals for selling and suggest improvements that could lift your price.


Taking the time to stage your home for potential buyers is an effective way to make your house stand out against other listings in your area.

Social Media & Web Marketing

Covering everything from targeted email campaigns, social media ads to dynamic re-marketing and paid promotions!

Print Marketing

Brochures, Postcards, Flyers and more are professionally designed to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.


Direct access to a team of nationally recognized videographers and drone experts who utilize media in marketing your property.

Top Dollar

Pre Marketing - Building a "buzz" prior to actually listing your property on the market to draw in more buyers. We start on day 0, not day 1.

Anika Mardian

Anika Mardian

Company JohnHart Real Estate
DRE 01324775

About Anika Mardian

Most would agree that a remarkable real estate agent brings forth a harmonious balance of intellect, business eloquence and personality to each transaction. These have been the defining principals in Anika’s professional career since obtaining her Realtor® License in 2001. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a keen eye on a fluid market, Anika has successfully worked alongside some of LA’s top real estate agents. In a career that spans near two decades, Anika has worked every aspect of the industry representing both buyers and sellers in the most complex of transactions. This knowledge extends beyond the immediate buyer/seller dichotomy and further stems into other aspects of real estate including, but not limited to property management and home renovations. In this regard, Anika takes a ‘big picture’ approach to real estate while still appreciating the many intricacies that encompass each transaction. Being a resident and active community member of Glendale for nearly 3 decades compliment her expert status of the Glendale, Burbank, Foothills and San Fernando Valley markets.
Alas, if seeking a professional who approaches each opportunity with the utmost energy, integrity and creativity, then Anika is the agent of choice.
As the Buyer’s Agent, Anika understands how strenuous yet, exciting the home buying process can be. Therefore, you can rely on her knowledge and advise with a no-pressure attitude. As the Seller’s Agent, she will market the property through novel channels, find and screen a qualified buyer, and obtain market value through tactful and effective negotiations.
Get to Know Anika Mardian
Married in 2008, Anika is a devoted wife to a busy businessman and mother of two energetic little girls. When she isn’t spending her time tracking the latest and greatest in the real estate market, you are likely to find her spending time with family and friends or volunteering at her daughters’ school.
When you are ready to buy or sell your property, or have a simple inquiry, contact Anika Mardian, Realtor®. She can help you determine the next appropriate step.